Photograph ©2011 Gabe Winter

Exploring Worship Through Art

When the Lord knit you together He included strands of creativity in His perfect pattern. These woven strands are just as important as all the others in your tapestry. You are a creative person, made to worship creatively. Are you worshipping God with every fiber of your being? Art can be a tool for worship. In this class we will discover ways to listen to the Holy Spirit through both the making and viewing of art. We will play with several different artistic mediums as we prayerfully respond to God’s creative call. 

This is a year long course in three trimesters. We will cover spiritual exercises as well as some art instruction including using photography, paint, sculpture, poetry, collage, and movement to deepen personal devotions. We will also use art as intercessory prayer. Our principle text is Henri Nouwen’s “The Return of the Prodigal.” Class has concluded. Check back to see when it will be offered again.