Encounters With the God-Man

The Gospel of John is full of moments of encounter, when an ordinary person meets God face-to-face. What must that moment have been like? As you prayerfully read through the Book of John, notice the Holy Spirit drawing you to explore one character over the others. Ask Him what He would like to teach you about Himself and your relationship with Him through this character. Spend some time in contemplation, praying, reading and imagining. The art produced in this class will be a result of this contemplative time.

This six week class will cover:

1. Interacting with the text using lectio divina

2. Interacting with the Gospel by asking questions of the text

3. Visual prayer

4. Entering the text by learning to draw figures and gestures

5. Watercolor techniques

6. Collage techniques

Class has concluded. Check back to see when it will be offered again.