Photography by Todd Winter.

How does one communicate when the Spirit has overwhelmed the soul?  Words often fail....


Our Mission

Creator Spiritus exists to connect hearts using the arts as tools for engagement. We assist organizations with visioning, art ministry, community art projects, art therapy and soul care initiatives, and using art for worship. At Creator Spiritus, we attempt to provide room for encounter. What does God want to say to you? That is between the two of you.

Comments from Project and Class Participants

"I felt that I was stretched in many of the projects- "what exactly should I do with an old wooden container?"  "What does home look like- how would I show it?"  The projects made me go to the one who knows me best and ask for some understanding, some guidance.  I like how you left everything very open ended trusting that God can speak to us- that you didn't have to give us the answers- that much of the journey is in the questions."

"Many times over this class period time I've thought of the early Church- how many couldn't read and that much of their understanding of who God is was by artists- musicians, visual artists, theater etc.  How rich is our worship when we can have all of our senses come alive. "

"The class has awakened something that has been dormant in me. It's been like hearing something off in the distance—I turn my head to see what I may find and catch a glimpse of God. I thirst for more."

"I have learned that art can be a part of my worship. I don't need to copy others or judge my art against others'. It is my worship. It is between God and me."

"I need to allow the Lord into my defensiveness. I keep starting arguments because I want to be in control. It is time to let you in Lord."

"It is time for me to stop being a victim, I need to let the Lord heal my hurt feelings so that relationships can be restored."

"I have been holding on to bitterness and resentment. I can't believe I've never talked to God about it, maybe I didn't want Him to heal it."

"I've been keeping God out of my relationship with my teenager, I can see that I need to let God get between us."

"The class validated me as an artist."

"The class changed my perception of God and increased my desire to interact with Him according to His purposes and using the gifts He has given me to serve Him."

"I see now that God can using anything to speak to me as long as I am open to Him and want to listen."

"Every week as I pray for these people around the world, I am brought face to face with my selfishness. It is kind of uncomfortable, but since I can't seem to get away from it I am asking God to help me with it. Last week was a week of real leaning on God."

"You know, I've never really known how to pray for people I will never meet. I often feel guilty about it, but I just didn't know how to pray for them. The past few weeks I find I am praying all day long for these people and they are very much in my heart."

"I love that my kids and I are able to participate in the same project! During the week, we talk about what we are praying for, and we are praying for the same thing."

"I had never thought about the time after Easter as a 'festival' time. I am not sure what that really means, but it has been interesting to think about and to wonder what that might look like for me."

"There is something joyful and playful about colored birds. I look forward to filling out my dove and to cutting it out. In some ways I feel like a child again and it is so hopeful. Joy-filled--that's what I am!"

"I learned that listening and gratitude can be a way of life, and a way to Life."