Playing With Opposites

I love paradox. I love seeming contradiction. I love putting them side by side. Just like complementary colors when placed side by side, create an edge that seems to shimmer, paradox expands our knowing into understanding.

This week I have been playing with those ideas in poem form. This is an unfinished poem, but I wanted to share where I am in the journey. I decided to write about the autumnal equinox because it is one of two days in the year when day and night are the exact same length. That equality of contradiction was exactly what I wanted to explore.

Autumnal Equinox
I stand
in dry weeds
               hip high
and in short
               damp grass
at the edge of the vegetable garden
between the spent blue lake beans
               gone to seed
and the pregnant yellow-blush tomatoes
The air from the pasture
rises warm alfalfa sweet
leaving the ground beneath it cold and sharp
And that sound
the scream that masquerades as silence
               at the insect changing of the guard
               half the swarm readies for rest
               half charges the dusk
Attacking my ankles
               I am become a bistro to the miniscule
               I know better
                              but I refuse to wear long pants
                                                                           or socks
                                                                           or shoes
I bite into a warm tomato
               juice crawls down my arms
               drips onto my cold feet
I am 37.