God Sets the Lonely in Families

Psalm 68:6 is a beautiful verse. God sets the lonely in families.

A very tall fifteen year old boy just left my house. My son met him on the school bus and they became friends in November. Since then he and his brothers have spent a great deal of time at our house. We are very different to these Viking children, tall redheads, loud and raucous. He showed up at my door two hours ago sniffling. He had just had a fight with his mom, he felt lonely, our house was the only place he could think of to go. A tall cup of hot chocolate later, the smiling boy was ready to go home. He was encouraged, but so was I. These are hard years for a man-child. His big brave heart encourages me.

Sometimes it's lonely to be an artist in ministry, but God has set me in a family. Artists in Christian Testimony Intl is a mission organization that supports and sends artists into the world to share God's love. For the past two years I have been thinking about this organization. This year I took the leap. I applied, sent in my references, was invited to present my portfolio in person and then invited to join them. They commissioned me April 16th. I am now an artist-missionary and Creator Spiritus (the art ministry creative consultation organization I started) is a department of A.C.T. Intl. I'm so excited!

And these people have so quickly become a family to me. There are hard things in this decision, but the support from an organization that values creative tools for bringing well-being to the world is so encouraging. I have so much to tell you!

I'm just getting started. The number of things I will get wrong, well, I am sure countless is the word I'm looking for. I value every single prayer. And think of the possibilities! Of the hearts to be encouraged! Of the lonely to be welcomed into God's deep love! Of the hurting to meet the Healer!

Want to come along for the ride?

Here is the link to my page at the A.C.T. Intl website: http://actinternational.org

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