A Call to Worship

I had the joy of writing the Call to Worship for our Women's Ministries Kick Off event in October. It is written as a Spoken Word Poem meant to be a true call to worship--an oral summons to turn our faces and lift our eyes--rather than a reading.

Turn and Come
Turn away from what ails
Brings you low
Turn your hearts to God and Know
That He is Here
And He is Good
Be loved Beloved
Come in,
You’re invited
Yes, you hear the drum
That’s our God calling you
Leave it all behind
You are mine, Our God calls us
out of the night
Into the light
He gathers us
And says it is good
In the desert there was one bush that burned
But that was enough to make Moses turn
He turned aside and worshiped God
Now what if you
Who are Called out of the dark
What if you took up that spark
What if you let God’s breath warm
Transform you into a fire storm
Each of you burning bright
Each one conquering the night
Each one carrying the light
You keep the doors closed on your dark places
Those deep spaces
When was the last time you opened those doors and looked
really looked into the deep
You’d be surprised at what you see.
Because even in those places God’s put an ember
Arise woman remember
That you were not made for the dark, you were made for the light
You were not made to be alone
But to stand side by side
To sympathize
You were not made to be ignored, not made to be bored
Arise woman
You were made to inspire
To rise higher
You were made to be fire
Arise woman you are mine says the Lord
You were made to be light
Arise woman